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 Night Westings Extraordinarily Average Bio

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PostSubject: Night Westings Extraordinarily Average Bio   Thu Apr 22, 2010 4:54 pm


( LOL, Bree, I know you edited my title because your jealous of the truth. And Inn, hello to you too! Very Happy
Name: Night Westing
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Night is a young man at about 5 foot 9, a pretty moderate height ( If you ask him of course ) that makes him sort of in the middle when it comesto the tall guys and the short guys. His build is that of a swimmer, his arms and legs are muscular, but in a stringy way, built for speed instead of power. He is sort of pale, but has a light tan tone to his skin. Night's hair is cut very short, but when you rub your hand through it one way, it feels spikey, and when you rub it the other, it feels smooth. The hair is a very dark brown, but cut as short as it is, it seems mostly black, but can show it's true colors when being hit directly with light.

His eyes are a dull brown that seem bored and unfocused, simply staring out into space, which matches the grin that usually is displayed on his face. In fact, it's usually rare to actually see Night when he ISN'T smiling. Though his front teeth are slightly bigger then the rest, and his right top tooth is chipped a bit in the corner, it's not incredibly noticable unless you study his mouth..... Which is creepy.... He usually wears a different assortment of clothes, when it's chilly out, he wears a black hoody with a Kaigara outlined in a deep purple on the front, black faded jeans, and simple boots.

When it's more warm out, he wears what he usually does in his hometown of Toran, a short sleeved grey T-Shirt with Toran etched in large green letters on the front, black shorts, with a single white stripe going down the leg on each side, and black tennis shoes. Or, if he's near water, fliflops. A red sports bag, strapped by thin black ropes, is usally on his back, holding his wallet ( His relic coins inside ) a change of clothes, his PDA, and verything else he needs to survive. He also has a case for holding eggs, a sort of charm that held his Kaigara when it was an egg. It also has it's practical purposes, and can still hold an egg.

Hometown: Toran

Personality: Night has a lazy, but fun personality that makes him very sluggish like his Kaigara, and slow to do anything, but very energetic when something fun or interesting happens. He's quick to trust people and make friends, but he has a habit of basing people off of his first impressions. Which occasionally are waaaaayyyyyyy off..... But Night is a very complex person, full of alot of contradictions. When his life is in danger, or when he needs to build shelter or something to survive, he puts his mind, which is surprisingly sharp and imaginitive to work, he can do a lot of things some would consider impossible. And when he sets his mind to something, he won't stop until it's done, and seems to never tire, as if his usual laziness has kept him full of stored energy.

Though Night is very laid back, he believes strongly in staying fit, but of course, he only enjoys working out when it has to do with something he likes, and in this case, that's swimming. If there is water, and it's big enough and safe, you will usually find Night swimming through the water. Bascally, you could say Night's the life of the party, but he has a serious side too, one that enjoys working out problems and doing complex things.

Relic Description: Night's relics take the form of coins, usually with the Natrelmon's profile on one side, and Night's on the other. Though there have been a few close calls where he has almost given Kaigara away as money accidentally, he usually does a pretty good job of keeping his realmoney and his relics seperate. Usually when returning a Natrelmon to it's relic he simply says "Come to me dude ", and when capturing one says an inteligible mutter. When summoning, he can say a myriad of things,as long as they all generally mean come out.

Starting Natrelmon: Kaigara

History: Night's been a fan of Natrelmon his whole life, mostly because of his father, Eclipse Westing. Eclipse, like his son Night, and his own father before him, have pretty much lived in Toran their entire lives, journeying to various places, but a still keeoing a permanent residence home in Toran. Because of this and his skills as a Natrelmon trainer, it was a no brainer Eclipse would soon become a Gym leader. Though, because he had a family, and his other job to support said family his skills have slipped somewhat, making him the weakest and the first leg of the Nerta League Gyms. Though he doesn't mind, for he has a loving family and children he can be proud of.

Night was born two years after his father became a Gym leader, and was the first born. His father, a much better trainer then, came home and supported his family with what he earned, and was usually never at home to see his son. This soon changed anther two years later, when Night was exactly two years, three months, and 7 days old, he had his second child. Night's younger sister Christina. Now staying at home more, Eclipse took care of both Night and his sister, and was a huge influence in there lives.

Ten years and two more children later, Eclipse was out fishing with a now twelve year old Night, when all of a sudden, a badly injured Kaiguard almost swam into their boat. Avoiding it, Night and his father then turned the boat around and began to follow the large turtle, only to find that it's wounds were much more severe then they thought. The Kaiguard soon died as they were following it, this event is pretty much burned into Night's memory, as it's the first time he saw a Natrelmon die. Though sitting upon the Kaiguard's back, was an egg. Making sure it didn't suffer the same fate as it's parents ( Night and his father couldn't really determine the Kaiguard's gender ) they brought the egg aboard, and Eclipse, going through his trainer pack that he carried with him everywhere ( They had gone fishing for Natrelmoh obviously ) found a temporary storage case for the egg.

Night, entrusted to care for the egg after the ordeal, brought it with him everywhere, to school, to play, EVERYWHERE. Until finally, it hatched into his first Natrelmon and best friend, Shiner. Naming the Kaigara soon after it hatched, Night and the Natrelmon became inseperateable. Eclipse, glad his son had found a reason to love Natrelmon even more, let Night keep the Kaigara. Night and Shiner have been together to this day, and currently have just finished their journey to the city of Lifan, where they will begin their career as Natrelmon Trainers!

Professions: Tracker

Noteworthy Skills: Despite his laziness, Night is actually very strong and very good at hand to hand. He is an awesome swimmer and has a creative mind that allows him to create awesome things with very little tools or parts, such as a small radio or shelter.

However, he lacks a practical side, and this causes him to lack in the tactical side of battle. He usually relies on innovative and imaginative moves that he has his Natrelmon perform on the spur of the moment. Such as making a net of electricity or a stone spear covered in electricity. But in everday tactics and using the wind to your advantage, air maneuvers, and using spells, he has absolutely no idea what he is doing whatsoever.
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Night Westings Extraordinarily Average Bio
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