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 Ashlee Kulaga

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PostSubject: Ashlee Kulaga   Thu Apr 22, 2010 3:20 pm

Name: Ashlee Kulaga

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ashlee's height is fairly average for her age, with her standing at about 5'7". She weighs about 130 pounds, putting her a little on the skinny side but not unhealthily so. Her skin is slightly tanned, with her having lived in Armkfish for most of her life. Her hair is a nice shade of sandy blond and it falls part of the way down her back. She normally wears it down, with a small bit of natural waviness and her bangs moved to the side of her face, but sometimes she will put it in a ponytail, usually for convenience. Her eyes are a pretty light shade of brown, only a little bit darker than her hair.

Ashlee's clothes are fairly ordinary. Depending on the weather, she will usually wear a brightly colored T-shirt or tanktop and a pair of shorts or jeans. The most unusual part of her attire is her white fedora, which she wears most of the time, especially since it goes well with the rest of her clothing.

Hometown: Armkfish

Personality: Ashlee is usually warm to strangers who have no wronged her and rather nice to people she knows. Despite her nice exterior, however, Ashlee can be quite harsh to those who are in the wrong in her eyes. She also manages to avoid letting her kind disposition get in her way in Natrelmon battles; in fact, in battle, Ashlee is quite different. She tends to think of things, both in and out of battle, mathematically, and in battle her primary focus is winning, though she does still care for the wellbeing of the Natrelmon.

Relic Description: Ashlee's relics take the form of very small statuettes in the shape of the Natrelmon contained with exquisite detail; however, they do varying color and instead maintain the color of the brass from which they seem to be made. None of these statuettes is more than three inches tall, so the scale between them is often quite off.

Starting Natrelmon: Sparwire

History: Ashlee was born to two middle-class parents in the town of Armkfish. Her father owned a rather small fishing company and her mother worked as a schoolteacher, so they always had enough money and a little extra. What was remarkable about Ashlee's family, however, was her aunt: Aiex, who would go on to become one of the Elite Triumvirate. However, when Ashlee was born, Aiex was just starting out as a trainer, though she was still remarkable due to the fact that she never lost a battle.

In her youth, Ashlee was a fairly normal girl. She attended school until she graduated at seventeen and throughout her entire career she got good grades, though she especially excelled in mathematics and physical sciences. She didn't show much of an interest in Natrelmon training for quite a while, however, not believing herself to be very competitive. However, Aiex did give her a Sparwire egg (a child of Aiex's Animikii) when Ashlee graduated.

For a while, Ashlee just kept the Sparwire as a pet only. However, Ashlee's Sparwire was not well-suited for such a plain lifestyle, and it began to misbehave without the ability to fully exercise itself. Ashlee was faced with two main choices: she could either give Sparwire away or start using it as a Natrelmon should be used. She decided that she would try to become a Natrelmon battler and at more or less the same time she heard about a tournament for fledgling Natrelmon trainers taking place in Lifan. She decided that she would go to Lifan and try this tournament out.

Professions: Unknown

Noteworthy Skills: Ashlee has a fairly in-depth knowledge of math and physics and also can think on her feet pretty well.
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Ashlee Kulaga
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