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 Eien Odayaka

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PostSubject: Eien Odayaka   Thu Apr 22, 2010 10:04 am

Name: Eien Odayaka
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Eien is average height for his age with short, very dark brown hair, which is often mistaken as black. Physically, he is far from outstanding, with a far from intimidating physique. The only strong feature about him is his eyes, which are a very green-hazel color. These are framed by very geometric black rimmed glasses. For apparel, Eien is usually wearing some collared shirt, but with a less formal T-shirt underneath. This can vary from a jacket style to a just opened shirt style. Being practical, he wears a pair of jeans, since they go with everything and can withstand the journey ahead of them. The ones Eien typically wears are clearly well tested, with a number of discolorations that only seem to add to the overall appearance of them. Just at first glance, you can tell that he is pretty techie. His watch is clearly very cutting edge and the black laptop case that is at his hip constantly, with a strap running to the other shoulder, is typically empty (the laptop is out).
Hometown: Relin
Personality: Eien is very disconnected from people. While he isn't unfriendly, he just prefers to sit back and analyze situations, rather than get directly involved. This cool detachment allows him to to stay calm and focused while in Natrelmon battles. It also allows him to look objectively at the situations, getting into the mindset that his opponent is in. His planning skills are very keen, when required, despite the fact that he is a bit disorganized aside from what he is focusing on.
Relic Description: Eien's relic appears like a black marble bracelet on his right hand, just above his watch. Any incantations he uses to operate it seem to be unconcious.
Starting Natrelmon: Kohitsuji
History: Eien Odayaka was born a fraternal twin in Relin 17 years ago, the older of the two by a small margin. Most of the early years were uneventful and consisted of mostly forgotten adventures with his twin sister Kimlee. Occasionally, those adventures rush back as memories to Eien, but they lay, for the most part, in the dust. Time passed and Eien and Kimlee joined school, which was typical for the young kids that were not able to go out and explore the wild. In the earlier days, Natrelmon training had to be started at 14 at the latest, but with the advances that had been made and the general peacefulness of Nerta, they could start much later.

While the two waited for the day they would select their own Natrelmon they both studied very frequently the ins and outs of each of the common ones trainers started with. This information was crucial in make the decision of which Natrelmon to start with, as they all had small details that made them best suited to particular trainers. Eien, being a very calm and thoughtful individual went with a Kohitsuji, while Kimlee decided to take a Sparwire. Both had made their decision days in advance and when they answered which one they wanted, there was no hesitation, unlike many trainers who wavered.

With each one having a Natrelmon, they embarked to Lifan from Relin a day apart, so they could complete the first leg of the journey on their own as a test. Eien, being the older, went first. Most of the time was spent interacting with his Kohitsuji as he traveled. Since he wanted the psychic and ghost type lamb to stay fresh for the tournament, he refused any offer to battle. He also, of course, did not want to leak any of the strategies he had been coming up with for taking down each of the other starters.

Lifan was significantly larger than Relin and was the central hub of all of the trainers. The frequency Eien was asked to battle as he approached Lifan increased dramatically, although he still refused. The city itself, as well, was far more impressive, especially with the extremely large tower that dominated the skyline. This made it a lot more of an interesting view for Eien, although he didn't show that he was that incredibly interested in anything. If he got distracted from anything aside from his Natrelmon and achieving victory in the tournament, he could risk losing all of his hard work.

Once in Lifan itself, Eien wasted no time finding accommodations, registering for the tournament, and taking care of the large number of small details that needed to be taken care of for something like this. This was the beginning of the Natrelmon journey for him. He knew that his family had some very famous Natrelmon trainers, his cousin being one of the Elite Triumvirate members. Very little was known about him, but it was fitting that Eien pick the same starter as him - Kohitsuji.

Professions: Unknown
Noteworthy Skills: Eien is a skilled tactician and quite gifted with technology. While a gifted analyzer, he is not the most adept at some of the more basic social skills, unlike Kimlee who was a social butterfly.
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Eien Odayaka
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