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 Purchaseable Plots/Upgrades for Natrelmon Farms

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PostSubject: Purchaseable Plots/Upgrades for Natrelmon Farms   Wed Apr 21, 2010 9:32 pm

In order to breed Natrelmon, one must possess the land for them to do so if they wish to optimize their success.

Basic Plot:
- Can house up to two Natrelmon pairs. Price: 10,000 N

Expanded Plot:
- Can house up to four Natrelmon pairs. Price: 20,000 N

Expansive Plot:
- Can house up to eight Natrelmon pairs. Price: 40,000 N

Preserve Plot:
- No pairing limit. Price 120,000 N.


- Natrelmon eggs hatch one week earlier if kept on the farm. Incubators can incubate up to 5 eggs at a time. Price: 10,000 N with 1000 N in fees each month.

- Buyable injection that allows the breeder to roll for egg production every two days instead of every three. Persists until one egg batch is produced. Price: 2,000 N.
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Purchaseable Plots/Upgrades for Natrelmon Farms
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