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 Isaac Kinsley

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PostSubject: Isaac Kinsley   Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:31 pm

Name: Isaac Kinsley
Age: 18
Gender: Male


Thin and wiry, but not excessively so. He is quite charming in appearance, in an unconscious, ruffled sort of way, and would probably clean up quite nicely if he were to ever take the initiative. His hair is a sandy blond and just getting long enough to intrude irritatingly on the fringe of his vision. His eyes are an intense cyan that often stare into the middle distance as the world around him is put into careful brushstrokes on the canvas of his mind.

His clothing varies randomly from plain, nondescript garb chosen in the gray light of dawn to dashing, exciting styles picked out on the spur of the moment. It shifts according to expected weather, of course. He always carries what resembles a briefcase constructed of wood, inside which are papers, canvas sheets, pencils, pens, brushes, paints, charcoals... all the tools with which he creates Art.

Lately he's taken to wearing berets. He has done so out of deference to the stereotype that artists wear berets, and because he's always thought they looked rather debonair. What he has yet to realize is that they don't suit him at all. There is no connection between man and hat. Though not immediately apparent, someone looking at him would see him, and the hat, but would find themselves strangely unable to look at the two as a whole. Even if he tips it to the side at a jaunty angle, it only results in the hat looking as though it is trying to climb off and escape. This can be very distracting.


He was born in Relin, but moved to Sakura at an early age. He considers the second town his "hometown", however, as most of his memories and friends were made in that town. He also spent most of his life in Sakura, as opposed to a few years in Relin, adding to his view.


Isaac approaches life with a boyish enthusiasm that is either contagious, annoying, or acutely embarrassing. His innocent, clear-eyed way of looking at things usually provokes a smile at least, if not the hand of friendship. Letting him down would be like kicking the biggest puppy in the universe. He often drifts off into daydreams, most often imagining painting whatever is in front of him. Occasionally this is actual deep thought, however, about a more serious subject...

He is rather casual and lighthearted in battle, often congratulating his opponent on good moves or laughing and joking about things he finds amusing. When not focusing on a spell or particularly complicated tactic, he is prone to distraction, but can resist that if need be.

Relic Description:

His relics take the form of large cards labeled clearly with the name of the incumbent Natrelmon. He personally paints their visage onto each card himself. That's craftsmanship, that is. Release or capturing incantations vary from a simple 'Go' to a small paragraph of encouragement.

Starting Natrelmon: Sakura


Isaac was born in Relin to a middle class family. His father was a Geography teacher, his mother a florist, and his sister just starting school. He grew up rather normally, and took great pleasure in coloring and such. Everywhere he went he brought his little notebook and a crayon, drawing anything that drew his attention. Other kids played ball and chased one another. He drew pictures of them.

His mother's business relied heavily on imported flowers. Some hardy flowers manage to grow in the frozen north, but the small variety and typical lack of flair among them would make business difficult if limited to those varieties. One year, however, the company she normally ordered from went out of business. Her shop fell on hard times, and his father was left as, essentially, the sole provider. This really wouldn't do. His father found a job in Sakura, and they moved out there. Isaac was about four at this point.

Now his mother worked exporting flowers to other cities, and opened a new flower shop selling a wider variety of flowers than had been available at Relin. His sister made new friends, and his father did what he'd always done best; harass students about the major exports of Toran and Armkfish. Isaac was positively delighted at this change of scenery. His drawings became much more cheerful and bright.

He started attending school and maintained average grades, save in Geography where he was forced to work and keep up a solid A average. Later on he took all the Art electives possible and excelled in them. It was his passion, after all. His drawings grew more stylized and detailed, toward the end being presented proudly at school art shows. He tried his hand at sculpture, and found he was... average. Not remarkably good, but not atrociously bad either. His drawings and paintings were his real talent.

Isaac spent a lot of his free time at a quiet, secluded dirt path toward the edge of the town. It was lined with cherry blossom trees, as were many of the streets, and had a small hill with various small flowers flourishing. Occasionally he saw a wild Natrelmon, and he sketched it quietly, trying not to frighten it away. They fascinated him. He'd sketched most of the scenery around the city, but each Natrelmon was different, special... One day, when he was out on the hill, it began to hail... rare for that time of year. A small, weak, wild Sakura was buffeted by the ice crystals. It seemed to be caught by surprise, and fell from the tree, pinned under a particularly large crystal with more falling around it. He rescued the creature and took it home where he nursed it back to health. It became rather attached to him and, after a few weeks, he finally took it into a relic. It didn't even try to resist.

He finally decided that he wanted to travel the world and sketch as many Natrelmon as he could. He spent the rest of his time until graduation saving up money and buying supplies. His sister started helping his mother at her shop. His father spent a lot of time hammering in details about his subject. Isaac wouldn't be getting lost any time soon. For her part, his mother managed to procure a Panzer egg from a passing trainer for him. After he graduated he bid his parents and sister a fond farewell and set out into the world.

Noteworthy Skills:

+ Artistic Nature: He is a talented artist.
+ Geographic Intuition: He has very extensive knowledge about geography and such.
- Hey, Look Over There!: He is easily distracted.

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PostSubject: Re: Isaac Kinsley   Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:37 pm

Five paragraph history reccomended.
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You are from the original, so you are accepted when you are done.
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Isaac Kinsley
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