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 Luke Destro

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PostSubject: Luke Destro   Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:24 pm

Name: Luke Destro
Age: 19

Gender: Male


In most ways, Luke is an average-looking teenage adult trainer. Standing a little over six feet tall, Luke's head is adorned with short-cut yet still rather messy dark-brown hair, as well as green eyes and a usually thoughtful expression on his face: always focused, in a sense.

His apparel generally varies, yet, unless its bitterly cold out, Luke will always wear a short-sleeve t-shirt, usually in a straight color, as well as jeans, blue or black, and slightly worn tennis-shoes. The only odd thing about his appearance is a rather odd leather glove covering his left hand. It seems to be made of a rather thick leather, a tightly-wrapped velcro covering the wrist area.

Other than that, though... normal. Quite.

Hometown: Lifan


Well, let's put it this way. Luke has two personalities: one that he has while battling, and one that he has outside of battle.

During a battle, Luke is focused solely on the battle. Peripheral noise is simply blocked out by the brain: if there's a roaring crowd, he won't hear the crowd. Its difficult to unnerve him by stage fright. On top of that, he's capable of seeing the whole picture in a calm, decisive manner, liking to exploit quick ways to end the battle rather than drawing it into a long battle, where this extensive mental concentration may start to wear thing.

Outside of battle, Luke is completely different, and much less serious. He'll laugh, make friends rather easily, and, quite frankly, simply enjoys going around the world, seeing the sights and looking for that next challenge. Truly, Luke sees this lifestyle as a career.

Relic Description

Luke's relics take the form of stone shooter marbles that change in color depending on the type of Natrelmon that is captured.

The capturing incantation is, "Reis ke (first syllable of Natrelmon name).

The release incantation varies, and is usually said as 'a slight utterrence of words inaudible to the ear'.

Starting Natrelmon: Nakumo


Luke Destro, to be frank, isn't that remarkable a person. He was born to an average family in Lifan: his mother was an accountant, and his father, a retired trainer, worked as a manager for a steel production company, taking many business trips to Ivlser to check for the quality of the metal and ore there, as well as to make sure the metal sent wasn't flimsy Nakinid shell. He was raised normally, with childhood friends he'll probably never see again, and a perhaps overintrusive mother. Ah, the joys...

This was his life until the age of fifteen, to which he started his early college life (more common than you expect for Natrelmon trainers), taking classes and attending Ivlser university, full time. Though clearly having a previous interest in the field of training Natrelmon, he was even more enamored by the learning enviornment, learning much about battle techniques and the like. Taking a rare class from the gym leader, he became fond of the steel type... even though the class taken was just an elective he got a C in.

As his classes progressed, he ended up getting a double major in Natrelmon Anatomy, as well as Tracking, getting above-average grades the whole time. Again, this was typical of an average trainer. Being at the verge of turning nineteen, it was at this point that he had to discern which starter he wanted to pick, or rather, picked the first Nakumo he saw, taking his time getting to know the timid little thing.

Still, as time wore on, even this average person had something unusual happen to him... for some unknown reason, his left hand started giving out on him at the wrist. When immediately taken to a doctor, it was diagonosed as a rare kind of parasite, which only remedy was to remove the entire hand... hence the glove.

From this point to about halfway through his time of being nineteen, Luke practiced with a rather adept synthetic hand, which used the normal muscle tendons that streched up the arm to control the fingers. He could eventually use them to a similar degree than before, though this left hand now 'defaults' oddly, not looking like a normal resting hand when it is indeed 'resting'. It also became difficult to cast magic through this hand, given that it was not a hand and torched his wrist when he attempted. Still, despite this, he wishes to battle on even terms with everyone, and keeps this hand hidden.

Hence, this begins Luke's journey to be an unremarkable remarkable trainer.

Professions: I know what but cannot say yet.

Noteworthy Skills:

-Good with tactics
-Good with medical knowledge
-Can somewhat treat Natrelmon w/o magic
-Good will to travel
-Easily overthinks strategy
-Hurts to cast magic out of left hand
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PostSubject: Re: Luke Destro   Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:36 pm

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Luke Destro
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