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 Wind-type Moves

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PostSubject: Wind-type Moves   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:55 pm

Elemental Quickfacts:

Weaknesses: Ice, Electric
Resistances: Grass, Fighting

Innate Ability: Momentum

The Wind-type Natrelmon gains a stack of Momentum for each successive Wind-type attack they use. Certain Wind-type moves have a Momentum cost in addition to their number of uses. Stacks of Momentum can be consumed to cast these moves independently of the move's cooldown and without expending a use of the move. Using the Momentum cost for a move puts it on the move's original cooldown, during which time the Momentum cost cannot be paid. Additionally, for each five Momentum that the Wind-type Natrelmon has, their AS increases by + [1]. This is capped at an additional 20 AS.

Innate Ability: Terminal Velocity

A Wind-type Natrelmon travelling at its maximum speed will generate twice the amount of Momentum that it normally would. Wind-type Natrelmon are immune to the effects of G-Force and Altitude Sickness. If a trainer is riding a Wind-type Natrelmon, the trainer is immune to the effects of G-Force and Altitude Sickness.

Gale Wind: Mark I [-] | [4]
Level 2
The Wind-type Natrelmon shoots a small projectile at an opponent, travelling at roughly 12 feet per second. The projectile is only around twice the size of a golf ball, and deals less damage than any other level 2 move. Gale Wind does not have a limited amount of uses, but has a cooldown of three uses per exchange.

Gale Force: Gathering Wind [-]
Level 5
Whenever the Wind-type Natrelmon successfully hits an opponent with a Wind-type move, they gain double the Momentum they normally would.

Gale Wind: Mark II [10] | [6]
Level 7
The Wind-type Natrelmon creates a larger version of Gale Wind: Mark II that increases the fps of all other non-Gale Wind: Mark II Wind-type moves within 3 feet of it by 0.5 per stack of momentum.

Gale Force: Ride the Currents [3] | [10]
Level 10
The Wind-type Natrelmon instantly repositions itself by using air currents. The Wind-type Natrelmon may move one foot in any forwards direction, unless that direction would put them within 10 feet of an enemy Natrelmon, for each + in AS/LS it has. This caps at a maximum of 20 feet. Ride the Currents has a cooldown of four exchanges.

Gale Wind: Mark III [4]
Level 12
The Wind-type Natrelmon can only activate Gale Wind: Mark III while they are flying towards an opponent. For each foot of distance the Natrelmon covers while flying towards the opponent, a trail of wind builds up behind them, and as soon as the Natrelmon moves upwards a lance of wind is released in the direction the Natrelmon was flying, with length equal to the amount of length travelled by the Natrelmon. The lance deals moderate damage, and is particularly adept at piercing through Feeble Walls. The lance moves at a speed equal to the speed the Natrelmon was moving as Gale Wind: Mark III was used, and Gale Wind: Mark III is launched from the position the Natrelmon was in as they moved upwards. Gale Wind: Mark III must be launched from at least 10 feet away from an opponent.

Gale Force: Cloudy Day [-]
Level 15
The Wind-type Natrelmon can disperse any Gale Wind move into any other Gale Wind move of a lesser Mark. The number of lesser moves created are equal to the Wind-type Natrelmon's stacks of Momentum. Gale Wind: Cloudy Day has a cooldown of five exchanges.

Gale Force: Against the Flow [-]
Level 20
Whenever the Wind-type Natrelmon achieves terminal velocity, they gain a shield that deflects the next projectile attack that would hit the Wind-type Natrelmon directly. The shield lasts for four exchanges, and if it is not consumed by this time, will launch a Gale Wind: Mark III ten feet long at the opponent. Gaining the shield has a five exchange cooldown which starts after the shield expires.

Gale Wind: Mark IV [6] | [6]
Level 22
The Wind-type Natrelmon drops a pocket of highly condensed air directly beneath it, which travels at 8 fps. Upon coming in to contact with a physical object, an Abjuration spell or the ground the pocket will detonate in an [Level/5] feet diameter area, dealing moderate damage to all targets hit. If the speed of Gale Wind: Mark IV is increased by Gale Wind: Mark II its damage is increased by 50%, but its explosion radius is halved.

Gale Wind: Mark V [3] | [10]
Level 25
The Wind-type Natrelmon creates a pocket of air behind it that will stretch as the Wind-type Natrelmon moves in a straight line. For each two feet covered by the Natrelmon during this time, one Gale Wind: Mark I is created at regular intervals along the path, and can then be launched at the opponent. Gale Wind: Mark V cannot be used at the same time as Gale Wind: Mark III.

Gale Force: Afterburner [1] | [15]
Level 28
The Wind-type Natrelmon instantly accelerates to maximum speed, activates a Gale Wind: Mark III, and then dashes [Momentum] feet in a single direction, but not within 10 feet of an enemy Natrelmon, to a maximum of ten feet. Gale Wind moves used within two exchanges of Gale Force: Afterburner no longer require the Wind-type Natrelmon travel in a straight line, and Gale Wind: Mark III's projectile can be launched within five feet of an opponent.

Hurricane Wind: Mark VI [2]
Level 30
The Wind-type Natrelmon creates a projectile, shaped like a Javelin (6 feet long), whose tip disperses outwards horizontally as it travels. Over the course of ten feet, the Javelin's tip will be 6 feet long (the entire projectile will be shaped like a T). Upon coming into contact with a physical projectile or is disrupted in other ways, the spear will explode, dealing damage in a [Level/5] feet area around it. If Hurricane Wind: Mark VI hits an enemy Natrelmon directly, it will instead pierce into the target, dealing [Momentum/2] instances of the damage of a Gale Wind: Mark II. A maximum of 10 stacks of Momentum can be gained from Hurricane Wind: Mark VI.

Hurricane Force: Eye of the Storm [2] | [20]
Level 35
The Wind-type Natrelmon instantly expels air outwards in an expanding sphere. The sphere does no damage, but is counted as an attack, and will knock back all physical bodies within its range. The sphere expands outwards at a rate of seven feet per second, and stops at [Level/4] feet. Has a

Hurricane Wind: Mark VII [?] | [?]
Level 40

Hurricane Force: Erase all Opposition! [1]
Level 43
For the next three exchanges, whenever the Wind-type Natrelmon gains 10 Momentum, they gain a stack of "Erase all Opposition!". For each stack of "Erase all Opposition!", the Wind-type's Momentum is doubled and the Momentum necessary to gain another stack of "Erase all Opposition!" is doubled. Having 100 or more Momentum cancels Hurricane Force: Erase all Opposition!. For each stack of "Erase all Opposition!", Momentum costs are doubled.

? [?] | [?]

? [?] | [?]

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Wind-type Moves
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