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 Ghost-type Moves

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PostSubject: Ghost-type Moves   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:53 pm

Ghost Restrictions: While Ghosts cannot "die", they cannot be resurrected like other Natrelmon can. In addition, Ghost type Natrelmon cannot breed outside of the Ghost type (i.e. it must breed with another ghost).

Curse/Bane Restrictions: Curses and Banes are applied via Eldritch Chains or physical contact. Only Natrelmon/Trainers can be Cursed/Baned, and only one Curse and one Bane may be active on a single entity at a time. Multiple curses of the same name are allowed, but each application has a 3 exchange cooldown.

Elemental Quickfacts:

Weaknesses: Dark, Light, Psychic
Resistances: Fighting

Innate Ability: Eldritch Chains - The Ghost type Natrelmon is able to conjure chains that bind objects, Natrelmon or trainers to other objects, Natrelmon or trainers, and in some cases can bind other aspects of living beings. These chains have a set length initially that decreases as the level of the Ghost type Natrelmon increases. Chains with unusual or more powerful effects are unlocked with passives. Eldritch Chains require a Natrelmon, Trainer or source of ghostly energy to be present to exist.

Eldritch Chains are applied by contact or with certain moves.

The chain length at level 1 is 40 feet.

At level 10, the length is 35 feet, decreasing by 5 feet every 10 levels to a minimum of 5 feet long. The length is variable if the Ghost type Natrelmon wishes it to be, and it can be any length that the Ghost type Natrelmon has access to.

Ghost type Natrelmon cannot be dealt damage by their own chains, or affected negatively by their own Curses or Banes. In addition, any given Natrelmon may only have one Curse and one Bane on it at any time. Curses can be overwritten by other Curses, but Banes cannot.

Haunting Grounds [-]
Level 1
Every Ghost has an Eldritch Chain linking its form to the place where it died when it was alive. The boundaries of the place where the Ghost type Natrelmon died are called its “Haunting Grounds”. Every time the Ghost type Natrelmon kills another non-Ghost type Natrelmon in its Haunting Grounds, their soul is unable to move to the void and the Ghost type Natrelmon chains its soul to the Haunting Ground. While in its Haunting Ground, the Ghost type Natrelmon is able to call upon one of the souls chained to the grounds for 3 posts, essentially gaining an ally in battle, but it has Ghost type in addition to its other types, which replaces one of its types if it has 4 types.

In addition, the Ghost type Natrelmon is 10% more powerful while within its Haunting Grounds.

Malevolence [15]
Level 2
The Ghost-type Natrelmon’s natural malevolence is manifested into an orb. If the orb hits an enemy Natrelmon, they gain an Eldritch Chain.

Additionally, Malevolence can be the starting point for the Ghost type Natrelmon's Eldritch Chains.

Soul Split [3]
Level 5
The Ghost causes damage equal to 10% of its maximum health to itself to create a pair of clones. Each clone is only a quarter as strong as the original Natrelmon and they only last for three posts. The number of clones increases by one every 10 levels.

Seeking Chains [4]
Level 10
The Ghost type Natrelmon creates a chain that seeks out its target's location. The chain's front end can also be controlled by the Ghost type, so its direction is very variable.

Intangibility [1-3]
Level 14
The Ghost makes itself intangible so that it can pass through any object, lasting a full post. This move gains an additional use at levels 35 and 50. It cannot be used in tandem with Invisibility.

Curse of Deprivation [5]
Level 17
The Natrelmon curses the enemy Trainer or Natrelmon by touching them or spreading the curse throughout Eldritch Chains. This curse, when used, deprives its victim of one of the five senses that the ghost chooses upon using this move. This “Curse” can be on the same trainer/Natrelmon multiple times.

Chains of Bound Essence [2]
Level 20
The Ghost type Natrelmon chains an enemy trainer by touching them. When the Chain is created, it will automatically attach to the nearest Natrelmon that belongs to the Trainer and bind the two. While bound by this chain, Trainers cannot use any magic, including Abjuration magic. The chain dissolves in 3 exchanges.

Curse of Stifled Breath [3]
Level 23
The Ghost type Natrelmon curses the enemy Natrelmon, causing each chain attached to it to shorten by half of its current length over the course of three exchanges.

Shared Affliction [-]
Level 27
The Ghost type Natrelmon has gained a deeper connection to its Eldritch Chains. Now, any chain effects (such as Energy Bind), Curses or Banes that are on a single target also apply to all targets linked to that target via Eldritch Chains.

Curse of Followed Footsteps [1]
Level 27
The Ghost type Natrelmon curses its target, causing Eldritch Chains to form between it and any other living being within 20 feet of it every post for one exchange.

Bane of Contempt [2]
Level 30
The user banes its target, causing it to take 2% of its maximum health in damage for each Eldritch Chain linked to living beings per post for 3 exchanges.

The Ghost type Natrelmon may instead reduce this damage to 1%, and gain 1% of its health back for every 1% of damage done to the baned Natrelmon/Trainer(s).

This Bane can cause great pain to trainers, but cannot kill them. Every time this bane deals damage to a trainer, they lose 2% of the magic experience they would gain at the end of the battle. If a trainer loses 100% of the magic experience they would gain, they cannot gain magic experience for 3 days.

Possession [-]
Level 35
When the Ghost type Natrelmon would kill an opposing Natrelmon, it can instead possess its body permanently. Its soul is released to the void permanently (unless it was killed in the Haunting Grounds) and gains the Ghost type in addition to its other types. If the Natrelmon belonged to a trainer, its relic becomes the Ghost type’s new Relic, and that Relic becomes the possession of the Ghost type’s trainer.

Chains of Altered Fate [-]
Level 37
The Ghost type Natrelmon is now able to create elemental Eldritch Chains. When two Natrelmon are linked, the Ghost type Natrelmon is able to transfer any type that a linked Natrelmon possesses to any other Natrelmon linked to it. This cannot remove the Ghost’s Ghost type. A Natrelmon cannot possess more than four types, and cannot remove a Natrelmon’s types if it has one type, and cannot cause any Natrelmon linked by the chains to have less than one type. If a type cannot successfully be moved to another linked Natrelmon, it cannot be altered.

Bane of Torment [1]
Level 40
The Ghost type Natrelmon banes its target with weakness, causing it to lose uses of moves. Every post for 5 exchanges, the Natrelmon loses all uses of its lowest leveled move of all applicable types that have moves left. If the Bane of Torment removes all uses of all of the Natrelmon’s moves, the Bane of Torment gains the effect of Bane of Contempt and is refreshed to its full duration.

The Ghost type Natrelmon is instead able to halve the current uses of the victim’s moves, and restore half of the uses of its moves instead (increasing from lowest to highest levels).

Receptacle of the Void [1]
Level 45
The Ghost type Natrelmon places an extremely powerful chain upon the target's soul, 10 feet long. Should the Natrelmon move more than 10 feet away from the location it was in when it was chained, its Soul is removed from its body and linked by an unbreakable Eldritch Chain. The Soul is then automatically chained to all other targets with chains. The Natrelmon's body takes damage equal to half of the damage the Soul takes.

Second Haunting [-]
Level 50
The Ghost type Natrelmon is now exceptionally powerful, allowing them to own a secondary Haunting Ground. They must move a copy of their Eldritch Chain from the original Haunting Ground to the new Haunting Ground.

In addition, when in either of these Haunting Grounds, the Ghost type Natrelmon is 25% more powerful, and the Ghost type Natrelmon can have as many chained Souls active simultaneously, but can only call upon each for 3 posts before they cannot be called upon again for 5 posts.

Bane of Cruelty (1)
Level 60
An exceptionally cruel Bane that draws upon the souls of all chained targets. Every post for 3 exchanges, all victims of the Bane are 10% less powerful for 3 exchanges.

The Ghost type Natrelmon is instead able to draw 5% of each affected Natrelmon’s power and make the Ghost type Natrelmon 5% more powerful for each Natrelmon for the remainder of the battle.

In addition, should any enemy Natrelmon be recalled while the Bane of Cruelty is active, they lose 10% power for 3 days and the Ghost type Natrelmon becomes 10% more powerful for 3 days, stacking to 100% possible empowerment.
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Ghost-type Moves
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