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 Fire-type Moves

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PostSubject: Fire-type Moves   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:46 pm

Elemental Quickfacts

Weaknesses: Water, Earth
Resistances: Grass, Light, Ice

Innate Ability: Charred Earth

Fire that the Fire-type Natrelmon produces cannot be extinguished for 2 exchanges after it is made if it is on a non-Natrelmon surface. Fire that the Fire type Natrelmon produces cannot be extinguished by natural means unless it is on another Natrelmon.

After 4 exchanges of burning, or at the Natrelmon's will, fire that the Natrelmon has produced will extinguish itself. Whenever a Fire type Natrelmon's fire is extinguished, if it was on the ground, that ground becomes blackened and is considered "Charred". Charred Earth cannot be set alight by conventional means.

Wildfire [-]
Level 1
The Fire-type Natrelmon channels, increasing their MA by 2 for the duration. While channelling, all fire that the Natrelmon has created that is currently on the field burns twice as fiercely, dealing double its normal damage, but extinguishing after one exchange. The Charred Earth left by Wildfire cannot be reignited for two exchanges.

Flamethrower [10]
Level 2
The user channels a stream of flame from an orifice. This move lasts for as long as it is channeled, and does not decrease in power.

Fuel for the Pyre [-]
Level 5
Whenever a non-Fire type Natrelmon stands on Charred Earth, their movement speed is reduced by 25% and their healing received is reduced by 50%. All Abjuration spells and Barrier moves that are created upon Charred Earth will burst into flames upon expiration, lingering in the air for one exchange.

Consumption [3]
Level 9
The Fire-type Natrelmon channels over two exchanges, consuming any number of patches of Charred Earth in the process. When the Natrelmon finishes channelling, they restore a number of moves based on how many patches of Charred Earth were consumed. Consumption restores moves from the lowest level that has missing moves upwards.

Rekindling [-]
Level 10
As the Fire-type Natrelmon's fire damages enemies, an equal amount of damage is stored within all currently active Charred Earth. Upon ignition, all of the stored damage is immediately dealt to all targets (friendly and unfriendly) that are within the bounds of the Charred Earth.

Flare Core [4]
Level 14
The Fire-type Natrelmon creates a fireball, 6 inches in diameter, and launches it at the opponent. When the fireball hits an opponent or the ground, it explodes in a radius equal to 1.5x the radius of the Flare Core.

Instead of immediately launching the Flare Core, the Fire-type Natrelmon is able to expend a use of Flamethrower and channel for any number of posts. When the Natrelmon finishes channelling, a Flare Core is launched that is [6 + Number of Posts spent Channeling * 2] inches in diameter, up to a maximum of [Level-4] inches.

Flamewake [-]
Level 16
The Fire-type Natrelmon is immune to its own Fire damage. Whenever the Fire-type Natrelmon channels Wildfire, it may simultaneously channel Flamethrower. All Grass-type Plants and Seeds on Charred Earth will be destroyed over the course of one exchange.

Burning Accelerant [-]
Level 18
Whenever fire that the fire-type Natrelmon has created comes into contact with Charred Earth, the flames will spread over the Charred Earth over the course of an exchange (the flames deal insignificant Fire damage). After this exchange has passed, the Charred Earth reignites in a massive burst of flame. Each patch of Charred Earth can only be ignited once every five exchanges.

Burning Heart [5]
Level 21
The Fire-type Natrelmon launches a fireball of [10 + Level/10] inches in diameter that travels up to 30 feet in a straight line at 10 feet per second. Over the course of the distance the fireball will quadruple in size, reaching full size at the end of the distance. Whenever the fireball hits a solid object or reaches the end of its distance, it explodes, creating a wave of fire twice as big as the size of the fireball. If Burning Heart does not hit a target, when it explodes a patch of Charred Earth equal to the Fireball's size is created on the ground below where it exploded.

Surgesear [4]
Level 25
The Natrelmon channels for one exchange to expand on existing flames. After channelling, Surgesear causes the flames to shoot up into the air (perpendicular to the ground) in a geyser-like fashion. The flames modified by Surgesear are ‘stickier’ than normal, and will set things alight quite easily, especially flying Natrelmon. The height expands at 15 feet per second for as long as the Natrelmon channels. The maximum range of Surgesear is [Level/4] diameter, and [Level/2] height. The flames extended by Surgesear cannot have Surgesear used on them. Surgesear can only be used from Fire on the ground before it becomes Charred Earth.

Surgesear can be channeled to instead reignite a patch of Charred Earth over the course of an exchange. After an exchange of burning, the Surgesear effect will independently happen from the Charred Earth at half its usual dimensions.

Detonate [2]
Level 28
The Natrelmon instantly cloaks itself in flames and expels them outwards, creating a [2 + Level/4] feet radius explosion outwards. This ability has a strong kinetic force and can push away projectiles of level [Level/2] or less. The Fire-type Natrelmon can consume all patches of Charred Earth to restore one use of Detonate. This effect has a 6 exchange cooldown.

Pyromania [-]
Level 30
The Fire-type Natrelmon gains the ability to channel Wildfire independently of its usual effect. For every two exchanges spent channeling Wildfire in this way, the Natrelmon gains a stack of Pyromania. For each stack of Pyromania, all of the Natrelmon's radiuses for Fire-type moves are increased by a multiplier of 1.5. Stacks of Pyromania last for 4 exchanges before expiring. The addition of two new stacks will reset the duration of Pyromania.

Searing Geyser [4]
Level 35
The Natrelmon sheathes itself in white-hot flames, then channels for two exchanges. After channelling, the white-hot flames erupt from a chosen patch of Charred Earth in a pillar that is [Level/2] feet high (the width is that of the Charred Earth). All patches of Charred Earth within [Level/4] feet of Searing Geyser will be reignited after two exchanges.

Scorching Radiance [2]
Level 42
For the next exchange, all Charred Earth deals damage equal to the amount of damage it has stored with Rekindling to all parties upon it (including friendly targets) every post. When Scorching Radiance ends, the Fire-type Natrelmon is surrounded by a fiery shield that blocks all level 20 or lower moves for one exchange. Upon being hit by three moves, or one move of level 20 or higher, the shield explodes outwards in a burst of flame. This flame procs Burning Accelerant.

Twinfire [-]
Level 50
The user may channel two fire moves simultaneously, and move while channeling one. The user may not channel Detonate or Surgesear while moving.

Whenever the Fire-type Natrelmon channels Surgesear, both effects happen simultaneously.

Pyrohemia [1]
Level 60
For the next three exchanges, whenever the Fire-type Natrelmon lands a damaging Fire-type Move, that move's usage is refunded, and Pyrohemia's move usage is refunded. The second effect cannot occur more than once every three exchanges.

Additionally, while Pyrohemia is active, the Fire-type Natrelmon's Twinfire allows them to channel two moves simultaneously while moving, or channel Surgesear/Detonate while moving.

Divine Conflagration of the Heavenly Exalted Fire Goddess Tidusia; Cube Style [1]
Level 100
The Fire-type Natrelmon launches a fireball at the opponent. It explodes in a cube.
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Fire-type Moves
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