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 Electric Type Moves

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PostSubject: Electric Type Moves   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:42 pm

Innate Ability: Variable Resistor

The Electric-Type Natrelmon is able to change the speed of its attacks. They may double the speed of any of their attacks to reduce their power to half their current effectiveness, or, they may halve the speed and double the current effectiveness. However, this ability may only take effect once per 15 feet the attack has travelled. For every 5 levels that the Natrelmon is above level 10, this distance is reduced by one foot.

Shock [20]
Level 2
A small bolt of electricity that is slightly more powerful than the other level 2 moves. This bolt moves at 15 feet per second.

Lightning Conduit [-]
Level 5
The user is now more powerful with all electrical attacks, dealing 25% extra damage. All targets that have been hit by electrical attacks have a 10% chance to be paralyzed for three seconds each time two more electrical attacks hit them.

Multibolt [10]
Level 10
An advanced version of Shock. It allows multiple arcs of lightning to blast out from a central beam, but converge on a target point. It fires an extra bolt for every 5 levels of the Natrelmon. Can hit multiple targets but lowers to Shock's power. Multibolt travels at 10 feet per second.

AAA Battery [1]
Level 12
Can absorb a single electric type attack with no damage (of equal or lower level). This restores 5 shocks.

Lightning Torrent [-]
Level 15
By expending one use of Multibolt, the Electric Type Natrelmon may turn any singular bolt of lightning into a Multibolt. (I.e, one of the smaller bolts released from multibolt may become a Multibolt at the cost of one use of Multibolt.)

Lightning Rod [5]
Level 17
Once per exchange, the Electric Type Natrelmon may expend a use of Lightning Rod to infuse any singular bolt of lightning with attractive power. Upon impact, or when the user chooses, all electric type moves within [Level/3] feet are attracted to the point of impact, or to the location where the Lightning Rod was when the ability was activated. In addition, all Electric Type moves become as fast as the fastest move attracted by Lightning Rod, but keep their current power.

Redirect [3]
Level 20
Allows the user to shift the course of any electrical attack by a total of 360 degrees (in as many segments as needed).

Variable Pulse [-]
Level 22
Whenever the Electric Type Natrelmon uses the innate ability, Lightning Torrent, or Redirect an additional shock will be produced, and can be fired off at any angle. Variable Pulse cannot trigger from the use of the innate ability on the shocks produced by Variable Pulse.

AA Battery [1]
Level 26
Can absorb 3 electric type hits with no damage (of equal or lower level). This restores 3 Multi-bolts.

Electrical Hazard [-]
Level 30
Whenever the Natrelmon uses the Innate Ability on a Shock, they may turn that Shock into a Multibolt. 2 exchange cooldown.

Thunderstorm [1]
Level 33
At sacrifice of a use of Shock, this shock can be fired and then destroyed at any point of its path. Above that point, a thunderstorm will start to rage in an area of level/2 radius from the point. The number of bolts that come down from this storm is level/2 and have the offensive power of Shock.

Converse Current [-]
Level 35
The Electric-Type Natrelmon now has 10 uses of Redirect. Every time the Natrelmon uses Redirect, they may also change the course of every other electrical attack they currently control to the focus of the Redirect.

Rechargeable Battery [-]
Level 35
Each electric attack that hits (either the enemy or yourself) adds an electrical charge. These charges can be turned in for various things:
- Give another use to AAA Battery (3 Charges)
- Give another use to AA Battery (6 Charges)

Forecast [1] | [15]
Level 38
Grants an extra use to Thunderstorm.

Electric Surge 1 | [10]
Level 41
The Electric type Natrelmon doubles the power and range of all Electric type Moves for the next two exchanges.

Discharge [1] | [15]
Level 45
Creates a powerful bolt of lightning that is about as wide as a cannonball. Upon impact with any physical object it deals a significant amount of damage.

Perpetual Energy [-]
Level 50
Electrical Hazard's cooldown is removed, but only two Shocks per exchange can be converted to Multibolts.

In addition, the Electric type Natrelmon is able to absorb its own electrical attacks with no damage to itself, and its opponent's electrical attacks with 20% damage, and gains 1 Electric Charge for doing so. If the Natrelmon absorbs its own attacks, two uses of that move are restored. However, this effect can only be used twice per battle.
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Electric Type Moves
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