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 Dark-type Moves

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PostSubject: Dark-type Moves   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:39 pm

Elemental Quickfacts

Weaknesses: Fighting, Light
Resistances: Ghost, Psychic

Innate Ability: Nightfall

Dark-type Natrelmon can split their shadow from their body, manifesting it as an untargetable and invulnerable copy of themselves. The shadow duplicates “Echo” Dark-type moves, which deal significantly reduced damage, but allow the Dark-type Natrelmon to use the corresponding full-power move if the “Echo” move hits. Shadows move at ++++ [4] LS/AS.

The Dark-type Natrelmon can only use each of its Echo moves once per exchange.

The shadow lasts for [2 + [Level/10]] exchanges and has a cooldown of 5 exchanges.

If the Dark-type Natrelmon does not have a Nightfall shadow and hits an enemy with an Echo move, they may immediately use the non-Echo version of that move.

Echo of Rend | Rend [20]
Level 2
Echo of Rend causes the Dark-type Natrelmon’s shadow to throw a lance of shadow up to ten feet in a single direction at a speed of 10 feet per second, dealing small Dark-type damage. If Echo of Rend hits an enemy Natrelmon, the Dark-type Natrelmon can use Rend.

The Dark-type Natrelmon gains a stack of Rend for every Echo of Rend that hits an opponent. The Dark-type Natrelmon can consume a stack of Rend to hurl a larger lance of shadow up to twenty-five feet away at fifteen feet per second that deals moderate Dark-type damage. If an enemy Natrelmon is hit by Rend, each additional Rend within the next ten seconds will deal double damage. This effect stacks up to [Level/10] times. If the Dark-type Natrelmon has 2 or more stacks of Rend, their Rend will apply a stack of Doom.

Impending Doom [-]
Level 5
The Dark-type Natrelmon’s Echo attacks apply Impending Doom to enemies they hit for two exchanges. Whenever a Dark-type Natrelmon is within [5 + [Level/10]] feet of an enemy, they can consume the Impending Doom to teleport to within melee range of the enemy and immediately attack with a blade of shadow.

Encroaching Dark [2]
Level 8
The Dark-type Natrelmon immediately swaps positions with any of its extant shadows, but cannot use non-Echo Dark-type moves for two seconds after changing positions. If an enemy has at least one stack of Doom, this restriction does not apply.

Penumbra [1]
Level 10
The Dark-type Natrelmon creates an additional shadow, identical to the one created by Nightfall, at a target location within [10 + [Level/5]] feet of themselves. This shadow cannot move, but can use Echo abilities and interacts with other moves that use Nightfall.

Echo of Fear | Fear [10]
Level 12
Echo of Fear causes the Dark-type Natrelmon’s shadow to release a burst of energy in a [1 + [Level/20]] foot radius, slowing all enemies by [50 + [Level/5]]% for one second. If an enemy is hit by Echo of Fear, the Dark-type Natrelmon can use Fear. Echo of Fear does no damage.

The Dark-type Natrelmon marks a five foot radius circle on the ground, which explodes with shadowy energy after a delay of one second. The explosion deals moderate Dark-type damage and refreshes the duration of all debuffs on targets hit. This explosion applies Doom.

Echo of Loathing | Loathing [10]
Level 18
Echo of Loathing causes the Dark-type Natrelmon’s shadow to rush in a single direction, [1 + [Level/20]] feet, dealing small damage to enemies hit. If Echo of Loathing hits an enemy, the Dark-type Natrelmon can use Loathing. Echo of Loathing can attack enemy trainers with no repercussions, but does no damage.

The Dark-type Natrelmon creates an arc of shadow energy and rushes in a direction, up to [5 + [Level/20]] feet, then launches a blast of shadow energy in a line (up to [5 + [Level/20]] feet). Enemies hit by the dash are stunned for one second, and enemies hit by the blast take moderate damage. The dash applies Doom.

Doom [-]
Level 20
The Dark-type Natrelmon’s attacks cause lingering shadow energy to accumulate in their opponents in the form of Doom stacks. Each of the Dark-type Natrelmon’s attacks that apply Doom will apply [Level/4] stacks. If an enemy has stacks of Doom that in total equal their current level, the Dark-type Natrelmon’s next non-Echo melee-range attack will kill them without fail. Doom cannot kill enemies whose level is higher than the Dark-type Natrelmon's.

The first time an enemy gains a stack of Doom, the Dark-type Natrelmon regains one use of Encroaching Dark, up to a maximum of two. If Doom expires on an enemy, this effect resets.

Echo of Vengeance | Vengeance [5]
Level 25
Echo of Vengeance causes the Dark-type Natrelmon's shadow to release an orb of darkness at its location. The orb will explode in a [5 + [Level/10]] foot radius whenever an enemy enters a [5 + [Level/10]] foot radius of the orb. Whenever an orb created by Echo of Vengeance explodes, the Dark-type Natrelmon can use Vengeance.

The Dark-type Natrelmon thrusts a sword of shadowy energy in any direction up to a total distance of six feet. If the sword hits an enemy, it will explode in a [10 + [Level/5]] foot radius, dealing moderate Dark-type damage to all enemies hit and applying Doom.

Utter End [1]
Level 30
The Dark-type Natrelmon consumes one of their shadows and can apply one of two effects: The Dark-type Natrelmon no longer has the Echo restriction for the next three exchanges, or an opponent within [5 + [Level/20]] feet immediately gains [Level/4] Doom stacks. If the shadow created by Nightfall is consumed by Utter End, the Dark-type Natrelmon can resummon it after three exchanges.

Antumbra [1]
Level 40
The Dark-type Natrelmon consumes all Doom stacks on an enemy within 5 feet of them or their Nightfall shadow. For every [Level/8] stacks consumed, the Dark-type Natrelmon creates an additional Nightfall shadow for two exchanges. Each of these shadows can use each of the Echo moves once for its duration.

Umbra [1]
Level 50
The Dark-type Natrelmon creates an additional Nightfall shadow for [Level/20] (rounded up) exchanges. This shadow may use any number of Echo moves for its duration, ignoring the Echo rules, and also not consuming uses of the Echo moves. In addition, this shadow will use Rend and Vengeance whenever the Dark-type Natrelmon uses those moves.
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Dark-type Moves
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