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Pretty Princess Shio


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PostSubject: READ FIRST!!!!   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:22 pm

Just so there are no lost topics by people posting within Withdrawals or Deposits, I am going to go over what this forum is for.

The ONLY topics to be posted in the Withdrawals or Deposits sections are for the Natrelmon Credit Union. There should be no other topics post in there. Once the bank logs have been edited by the admins the Deposits and Withdrawals topics will be DELETED. DO NOT STORE IMPORTANT INFORMATION THERE.

The rest of this forum is for you to organize trades and sales with other trainers. Using a simple <what you are selling/wanting to trade> (Trade/Sell) type format in your title would probably help attract the right people to your topics. These topics do not have to be in character (I'd actually prefer they be OOC).

For those of you that are more creative, you are welcome to set up a running company/organization thread within here. If you do enough business, I will consider stickying your company's thread.
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